Melefsis is a family run nomadic beekeeping company. It was founded in 2013 by Petros Iliadis, driven by his interest in a more natural way of living, away from the city’s hectic life. Beekeeping started as a hobby for him, but fascinated by the world of bees, he quickly developed it to a full time occupation.

Beehives in nature

Our mission is the collection of high quality raw honey with the particular characteristics of each location’s plant life. Honey, like wine, varies from season to season and is totally depended on nature’s changes. Therefore we aim to supply our customers with a unique artisan product in every crop, collected by ourselves and not repackaged.
We are also dedicated to the distribution of all bee products (bee pollen, wax, propolis & royal jelly) in a processed or raw form.

For us, the hive is an endless source of inspiration and ideas! We design and create a series of products based on beehive’s raw materials and their health benefits.
From concept to packaging,
we are aiming to provide superior quality bee products
at an affordable price!


Creative beekeeping is what we do
Welcome to Melefsis